NOTICE TO MEMBER 9th March 2017


Bus Éireann WRC Discussions/Expressway Crisis

Members will by now be aware that this Crisis/Debacle has been playing around the News Agenda for over 8 Weeks.

It should of course be understood that the Expressway Crisis itself, and its origins dates way back to considerably more than those 8 weeks, in fact one can safely say it goes right back to 2012/13.

The present discussion (such as they are) are extremely difficult and complex.

However, it has to be both recognised and acknowledged that the nature of Bus Eiermann’s Business, PSO, Schools and Expressway, interlinked as they necessarily are, feeds into the complexity of trying to:

* Look at Efficiencies across Bus Éireann
* Achieve a Material Recognition that Staff have not had a pay raise for nine years.

The last three days of discussions have, in the main being concentrated around all sides achieving a full understanding of how Bus Éireann’s operations works on a countrywide basis.

The WRC last evening decided that a number of days was required for all parties to reflect on some of the detail that surfaced during the three days.

They have requested that talks should reconvene on Monday next.

The NBRU is fully aware that there are frustrations among staff in relation to the absence of detail around these discussions, that frustration is shared by your representatives, both lay and full time officials.

We will endeavour to inform Staff of Developments over the coming days.

Issued by the NBRU

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