Mr Ray Hernon letter dated 10th February 2017

Mr Ray Hernan Re Staff Provocation Intimidation February 2017

Mr Ray Hernan
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Bus Éireann
Broadstone Bus Depot
Dublin 7

9th February 2017

Re: Staff Provocation/Intimidation

Dear Sir,

I refer to the above and the scandalous behaviour of the Company you now represent in relation to its treatment of a loyal and dedicated workforce.

Your ‘staff’ briefing notice of the 16th January 2017 in which you set out measures that you contend are covered by current agreements was obviously designed to provoke a reaction from Staff to protect those who are responsible for the mess at Bus Éireann.

We hear that a new low was reached today in penalising those who, through no fault of their own may have the misfortune to fall ill, by placing an unagreed sanction of debarment from Working a Rest Day for a Three-Week Period.

This sanction, added to the stripping away of long standing arrangements across the grades over recent weeks is an act of naked aggression.

Travelling around the Country, Depot to Depot, Garage to Garage telling people that the cuts must come in, or else the Company will disappear would be considered by some to be a form of intimidation.

It is a measure of those that now run Transport in this Country that they arrogantly assume that any decision they make will be obeyed serf- like by those who work in the industry and those who use Public Transport.

It is also obvious to those of us in the Trade Union movement that you have received a crash course on the intricacies of the internal day to day operations at Bus Éireann.

The Staff briefing of the 16th January, followed by correspondence to Unions on the 18th and 27th and the level of detail therein would support such a view on your new- found knowledge.

It is of course also entirely possible that the desire to please, best boy in the class style, by some of your longer serving colleagues may have contributed to the design of this provocation policy.

It is unfortunate, but understandable that the memories of ordinary decent Bus Workers will be able to accommodate exactly who it was that decided to inflict this reprehensible attack on their livelihoods, it is one thing having an old fashioned industrial relations row, it is an entirely different matter altogether when someone decides to reach in and threaten the very fabric of the family unit.

This is precisely what is being attempted here, you can dress it up in any fashion you choose, restricting a Workers ability to provide for his family, whether it be Mortgage payments, School/College Fees, Health Cover etc. is tantamount to a declaration of War on the values that we cherish most.

We will of course meet such a declaration with the notified All-out Strike Action to coincide with your unprecedented assault, and come the 20th February Workers will themselves provide a crash course for the uninitiated, in relation to how far people
Yours Sincerely

General Secretary

Copy/ Ms Anna Perry Director, Conciliation WRC

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