20th February 2017
Members are advised that the NBRU along with other Representative Trade Unions met with Bus Éireann management at the WRC to engage on issues associated with Expressway Crisis.
Members will also be aware that the losses at the Company have been rising upwards almost on a weekly basis, from the figure of €6m as outlined in previous CEO letter from the 21st September last, to €7m in December to the most recent reported figure of €8/9 million.
The Acting CEO then threw in his bombshell figure of €30 million over the last number of weeks, a figure we were having trouble understanding up to recent days.
The NBRU have made it abundantly clear to Mr Hernan and Co that we will not allow him to move Bus Éireann to becoming a mirror of those private operators that treat their staff abysmally, in fact we were stronger in our choice of language in stating that we found the notion that such a move was nothing short of contemptible.
The figure of €30 million, we now know was designed to achieve that very thing.
We have also advised the WRC that if the Company were to persist with this agenda come Monday, then we would be making a Rapid Exit from the planned discussions, bearing in mind our commitment to engage was on the basis of trying to resolve Expressway issues.
We informed the WRC that it would be difficult for the Unions to engage in discussions at one of the third party institutions of the State whilst a decision from another State Institution remained to be implemented in full.
The Labour Court Recommendation on the Income Continuance would have to be implemented in full, the restoration of the agreed Company percentage of the premium having already been paid.
Bus Éireann have now confirmed that they will pay this in full, the date for payment will be given on Monday.
We also informed the Company that its attempt to provoke staff into a reaction through the items contained in correspondence dated the 16th, 18th and 27th January, designed to protect the Department and the NTA had FAILED.
Calling this Crisis an Industrial Relations dispute is as disingenuous as it is insulting, Flawed Government policy is at the core of the problems at Bus Éireann.
The NBRU, along with our fellow Trade Unions has insisted that all current agreements, including those covering Overtime across all Grades should be restored to pre-January 16th status in order to allow for discussions to continue. The Company is to respond on Monday.
The NBRU is fully aware of the anger among the workforce, we are equally conscious of the concerns of communities across Ireland who fear that their invaluable Bus Éireann service may be lost.
The NBRU is a Union that has stood up for transport workers for generations.
The NBRU does not operate remotely from its Members and those communities they serve on a daily basis.
The NBRU has over recent months demonstrated how accessible we are: demonstrated that we are more than just names on pieces of correspondence sent from a Dublin office block: demonstrated our willingness to provide a Platform for staff, regardless of Union affiliation, to both listen and engage on all of the issues at the heart of this debacle.
Our movement is a NATIONAL UNION.
We are unique in the service that we provide.
The following is a list of some of the Areas where we have held staff and community briefings:
Tubbercurry County Sligo
Gort County Galway
Templeglantine County Limerick
Listowel County Kerry
Donegal Town
Letterkenny County Donegal
Tuam County Galway
Mullingar County Meath
Bus Éireann Cork
Bus Éireann Limerick
Bus Éireann Sligo
Bus Éireann Waterford
Bus Éireann Broadstone
Bus Éireann Galway
Mitchelstown Co Cork
Youghal Co Cork
Clonmel County Tipperary (2nd March)
Thomastown Co Kilkenny
The success of these engagements can be measured by the amount of Politicians, both local and national that have attended at our meetings, practically every newspaper in the land has covered the campaign on Save Our Bus Service, (SOBS).
We wrote individually to all of the 158 TD’s outlining our concerns for the Future of Rural Bus Services.
Up to 40 Local and National Radio Stations have covered the campaign, some of those stations have had weekly updates since early December.
We have twice attended at the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Transport.
The Campaign has led to hours of Dáil time being used to raise awareness of the Crisis, culminating in the defeat of the Government in Private Members motion supported by all non-Government TD’s.
We, along with SIPTU colleagues, briefed up to 50 TD’s from across all parties at the Dáil on Tuesday 24th January 2017.
There were several Motions passed at County Councils across Ireland, ranging from asking that the Minister get involved to asking for a multi-stakeholder forum to resolve the crisis.
Those Councils included: Kerry, Cork, Fingal, Clare etc.
A delegation from the NBRU recently addressed the Clare County Council in advance of it passing a Motion of Urging that all stakeholders should come together to solve the Issues at the heart of the crisis.
The NBRU, along with our four sister Unions will return to the WRC on Monday for what will be difficult discussions.
The NBRU remains in Dispute Mode, we are Fully Prepared to Engage in An All-out Strike to Defend the Hard Won Terms and Conditions of Bus Workers.
We are more than aware of what happened to Irish Ferries workers, it is not so long ago that we were watching the Waste Industry (at one time it was a hotbed of union activism) being decimated through despicable attacks on terms and conditions.
We currently have Tesco Workers being treated abominably by their employer. It is more than appropriate for us to call on our members to support those workers by not spending their hard earned cash in those stores.
It is surely only a matter of time when the Whole of the Trade Unions movement will react in unison against both rogue employers and those who would seek to be aligned to such disgusting anti worker behavior.
The NBRU members across the CIÉ Group have demonstrated their desire to support their colleagues and see this as an attack on all workers.
Members will be Advised of Further Developments, information is also available at nbru.ie, Twitter @nbru_Dublin and @Dermotleary
Issued by 54 Parnell Square

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