12th December 2016

Clarification on Some Media Reports from Sunday 11th December concerning Bus Éireann Expressway

Members are advised that some media coverage over the weekend was not necessarily accurate in terms of this Trade Unions position on the future of Bus Éireann Expressway routes.

Having spoken to Trade Union Colleagues overnight we are confident that all Unions, i.e. NBRU, SIPTU, TSSA, TEEU and UNITE remain supportive of the joint position adopted following the Labour Court debacle of last Tuesday.

The NBRU was asked by media over the weekend if we accepted that some redundancies may occur as a result of any proposed restructuring plans that Bus Éireann may produce in the coming weeks and months; the answer quite simply was that we have been here before with business downsizing, 2009 being the last occasion when we had route reorganisation resulting in a number of voluntary severances at the company.

Does same apply to questions on routes which are currently under threat because of capacity oversupply?

Again the answer is that we have been here previously when Bus Éireann made a “Commercial” decision to withdraw from operating the Córas Iompair Éireann Tours business, despite the best efforts of the Unions through a myriad of processes, including the Industrial Relations Institutions of the State, we were not able to convince the Company that this was detrimental to those Drivers that worked in Tours.

Union Strategy

The ‘Joint’ Union Strategy on Expressway and Pay was communicated through the Five Union Press Release on Wednesday last when we said that our policy was to “engage in a Consultative Communication Process with all staff over the next number of weeks in relation to pay”.

In fact, such is the seriousness of the issue/s that we are prepared to conduct joint union General Meeting’s across the company and the country.

We also, through the same Press Release acknowledged that Bus Éireann was in crisis and that we are prepared to engage with all Stakeholders, inclusive of the responsible Department, the NTA and Bus Éireann to establish if we could assist in reaching a solution to the serious problems at the company.

As we currently stand the Bus Éireann stated position (letter to all Staff from the CEO, 21st September 2016) is that they are seeking to restructure the Expressway section of the business by separating it from the rest of its operations and introducing reduced Terms and Conditions for staff working therein.

All of the Trade Unions have been quite categorical in opposing such a scenario.

The NBRU are also of the view that the 1958 Transport Act prevents Córas Iompair Éireann from introducing inferior working conditions for staff due to its duty under section 7(1) of that Act to provide “reasonable conditions of employment.

The Red Line Issues for the NBRU

1. No Reductions in terms and conditions for any worker

2. Absolutely no compulsory redundancies for any worker

It is for other parties involved in any future debate to set out their stall in relation to how they view the possibility of a resolution to the Expressway crisis

We on the other hand will Not Allow for an A La Carte Approach in Order to resolve this crisis.

Essentially, nothing will be presented to Staff until such time as all of the issues, inclusive of proposals on how the issue of a Long Overdue and Well Deserved Pay Rise will be addressed.

The situation at Bus Eireann is far too serious and goes beyond the traditional, if not somewhat outdated inter-union rivalry, by virtue of its threat to the Job Security of over two thousand six hundred(2600) workers at the Company.

It behoves us all to adopt a coordinated and united approach to this crisis.

Issued by the NBRU

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