23rd March 2017

The NBRU has been fielding queries from members following the issuing of correspondence from Bus Éireann at approximately 17.00pm yesterday evening.

Those queries have, in the main centred around the demand to reactivate our suspended All-out Strike Action in response to the scurrilous and appalling attack on Bus Éireann Workers Pay and Conditions, inclusive of the Breaching of Longstanding Collective Agreements.

Members will be aware that the NBRU have been more than forthcoming with up to-date information since the commencement of this whole crisis.

The NBRU has been totally upfront with members and the travelling public with regard to the inevitably of a major Public Transport dispute if Bus Éireann persisted with its Race to the Bottom agenda.

Staff at Bus Éireann have been suffering cuts to pay since the staff briefing issued on the 16th January, it is to the credit of our members and staff across the Company that they allowed the Unions the time and space in which to develop the possibility of achieving a resolution to a crisis that was not created by the staff at Bus Éireann.

The Unions took the view that all industrial relation avenues needed to be explored prior to engaging in the nuclear option of an all-out strike, the WRC to its credit made valiant attempts to facilitate a resolution to this dispute.

The blame for not achieving such a solution lies squarely with a management team that has demonstrated an alarming lack of knowledge of how the industrial relations system operates.

The covering letter from the Acting CEO yesterday was very clear in relation to the view of the WRC now being adopted by Bus Éireann, then again with the benefit of hindsight, (hindsight is that place populated by the, ‘I told you so’ merchants) we should not be surprised at this attitude, given the treatment of the Labour Court on at least two occasions since December last.

The NBRU, along with Trade Union colleagues did accept at the WRC that change would be inevitable, but we refuse to allow a Semi-State morph into a “Yellow Pack” operation.

What we would not accept, will not tolerate is the RACE to the BOTTOM Agenda being perused by the new management at Bus Éireann.

We will continue to demand that all Stakeholders will have to be part of any overall, overarching solution to the Expressway crisis.


First things first, Members can be assured that the All-out Strike Action as notified to Bus Éireann management on the 3rd February, suspended to facilitate WRC discussions will be reactivated.

The meeting today was called to allow for all of the Trade Unions to assess its role in how this Dispute is going to be prosecuted, the letter from Mr Hernan yesterday concentrated solely on Drivers and Inspectors.

The placing of Pickets at Garages/Depots will have a direct impact on all Grades, it will also have a knock-on and consequential effect on those locations shared by Iarnrod Éireann. It is important at this point that we should be, again absolutely clear and categorical here, NBRU members at Iarnrod Éireann are not in Dispute with their employer.

However, it would be remiss of us not to consider the consequences to all of those who will inevitably be caught up in this Dispute, there are hundreds of thousands of commuters that rely on the services provided by Bus Éireann.

A knee jerk reaction, such as was demanded by a small minority yesterday evening, calls for immediate placing of pickets being called for, would have heaped misery on those who would have went to bed last night expecting to be embarking on their regular Bus this morning.

A lot of those commuters, many who have demonstrated a knowledge of this Dispute far beyond that possessed by some among Bus Éireann management, many of who have provided support to Bus Workers, they at the very least, deserve to have some indication of when it is that they have to make alternative arrangements.

It is one thing having days, or at least hours to make alternative plans, it is an entirely different matter when people are left standing at a Bus stop without any prior notice.

The NBRU would like to thank Members for showing great restraint over the last Six Weeks, we appreciate the Frustration of Staff, and it is fully shared by those of us that have had to endure the stonewalling, the prevarication and the obstructionism displayed by Bus Éireann management throughout this period.

We will, in a matter of hours, in a United and cohesive manner, spell out exactly how we intend to react to the Declaration of War by Bus Éireann management.

Workers can find updates on nbru.ie or@nbru_Dublin.

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