Members will by now be aware that the above Recommendation has been issued in the last 24 hours.

The details in this document are complicated and complex and will take some time to digest.

Rest assured, NBRU Members will given as much time and space they require to become fully informed on all aspects of the issues which will affect their working lives.

There will be a different reality for every worker at Bus Eireann, there is huge change expected of a number of staff.

The establishment of a Composite Rate of Pay makes this change inevitable. The NBRU has some experience with regard to this move from an overtime/allowance based earning structure to one which will encompass all those allowances in to one and provide a steady, constant and reliable income throughout the year.

Irish Rail workers we think through a similar change back in 2000, they will tell you it was as difficult back then for them as it is going to be difficult here.

One of our concerns with the new ‘Hourly Rate’ would be the obvious one of: is it good enough?

The NBRU sought at least €22.50 an hour for this move to a Consolidated rate. It will be up to each and every member to decide if the figure of €20.11 is adequate.

It should be noted that the Labour Court has provided for two Review periods, one in 12 months and one in 24 months for the Composite Hourly Rate to be reassesed.

The details around Boards/Rosters will take some time to evolve, the NBRU through its Senior Representatives will play a major role in their complilation.

It is fair at this juncture to say that there will be huge and significant changes to some Boards/Rosters, those changes will take time to work through, our job will be to ensure that those changes can have the minimal impact, difficult as that will be.

The intention here is to create as much of an opportunity as is possible for Drivers to maximise their earnings through the new hourly rate system, it is clear at this stage that there will be different earning bands across the following:
▪39 Hour
▪42 Hour
▪43 Hour
▪45 Hour
▪48 Hour
The Labour Court and the WRC have made it abundantly clear that the any agreement will have to conform with the Organisation of Working Time Act and other associated legislation, this means that the maximum hours allowed, over what is known as the ‘Reckonable Period’ (usually the Board/Roster cycle) will be 48 Hours.

Undoubtedly, the Boards/Rosters will apply differently in every Garage, it may well be a case that arrangements can be put in place to facilitate the different requirements for Drivers in each area, there is of course no garuantees in this regard.

The other important factor in this Labour Court Recommendation is that there will be an increase to Pension entitlements, this is on the basis that the Composite Hourly Rate will mean the value of Pension will be a multiple of: 39 hours ×20.11 as opposed to the current 39 ×16.00.

The NBRU was relatively successful in achieving a Recommendation from the Labour Court on the amount of managers in Bus Eireann, reducing by over 20%.

The pay of managers over €60000 will be cut by 10%.

The NBRU has also had our demand for a Forum to be established whereby all Stakeholders will have a direct role in Transport Policy, and oversight of those faceless Mandarins in the Department of Transport and the NTA.

It is important that we would be upfront and honest with our members, the NBRU has never, ever flinched when it comes to telling it as it is, sometimes that may not suit, but it would be churlish to think that people are not entitled to having an alternative view of the World.

Our proud Trade Union allows for a variety of views, it allows for disagreements, it allows for different and opposing views and opinions, it allows for open and transparent debate.

This particular Document will test all of the above, the courage and dignity shown by our members throughout this long dispute will continue right through the Consultative and Balloting process.

We will organise meetings across the length and breadth of the Country, sometimes we may have repeat meetings, every opportunity will be afforded to Members to express their opinions before they cast their Ballot.

The Labour Court Recommendation is already (and to be expected) leading to many debates around the Bus Eireann network, this is exactly what should be happening.

Ultimately, democracy will decide the outcome.

  • Issued by NBRU
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