NBRU SIPTU Joint Press Release on Train Drivers Talks Process July 27th associated with Labour Court Commissioned Report.
General Secretary of the NBRU Dermot O’Leary and Asst. Organiser of SIPTU Utilities and Construction Division Paul Cullen said:
“As recently as July 15th the Company committed to engaging on all issues contained in the Independent Report, which it should be remembered emanated from a Labour Court Recommendation following industrial action last autumn, Irish Rail has now decided to set it’s face against the preeminent Industrial Relations institution of the State by thumbing its nose at the recommended course of action to engage on all of the disputed issues, inclusive of Past productivity, reduction of the working week and improvements to terms and conditions”
Mr O’Leary and Mr Cullen went on to say :
“Both Unions today agreed at the WRC to also discuss the issue of Driver Training as part of the agenda set by the Labour Court Commissioned Report with the understanding, similar and consistent with industrial relations norms, that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, we will as a matter of course return to the WRC tomorrow morning in the hope that the Company will engage on the comprehensive agenda set out in the Report, failure to so do will result in an immediate ballot of our members for Industrial Action”

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