Letter to K Bryan to see new Boards

Mr Ken Bryan
Acting Human Resources Manager
Bus Éireann
Dublin 7

19th April 2017

Re: Labour Court Recommendation/Boards/Rosters

Dear Sir,

I refer to the above and wish to advise that the absence of boards/rosters being made available to staff as a vital component of their decision-making process, is causing undue and unnecessary additional difficulties as staff digest the comprehensive Labour Court recommendation.

You will be aware that there was an acceptance at the WRC discussions that the time-period allowed for the (duty) optimisation process, assumed to take approximately three months, would be used to allow for discussions around boards/rosters with local representatives.

You will be further aware that the Labour Court recommendation explicitly provides for such discussions:

‘During the optimisation process, duty lengths and use of 2.45 unpaid will be reviewed with local representatives and the alternatives examined to try and avoid its use’

The Labour Court was also quite categoric in its description of the optimisation process:

‘Optimisation is a complete review of all driver rosters/duties and rotations’

It is, I am sure you will agree, inconceivable that drivers would be asked to ballot on the Labour Court recommendation in the absence of sight of the boards/rosters they will be expected to operate within the new regime recommended by the Court.

There were indications from the Company during the WRC process that board/roster compilation had in fact commenced, the letter from Acting CEO Mr Ray Hernan to staff on the 22nd March would appear to support the such a position:

‘…….any efficiencies that results in a driver duty or rotation change will be implemented on 2nd April. This is to give the agreed 7 days’ notice of such a change. All duties and rotations will be made available to Trade Union representatives at local level before Sunday 26th March’

One can only deduce that certain boards/rosters were prepared and ready to be implemented at that point in time.

Subsequent events, the small matter of a three-week dispute being one such event, prevented the imposition/implementation of those boards/rosters.

The NBRU is more than aware that the Labour Court was presented with a scenario which, if certain measures were not accepted as being necessary to assist in correcting the perilous financial situation at Bus Éireann, then the Company would be facing into a situation which may ultimately lead to it becoming insolvent.

Whilst the NBRU remains of the belief that this financial situation was not of the worker’s creation, it nonetheless behoves us to act responsibly and provide the environment, whereby all drivers can be fully equipped with all the facts they require to make whatever decision they deem to be the correct one for their future.

I am now to respectfully request that the boards/rosters for all areas, depots, garages should be made available to the Trade Unions in order that driver representatives can, in the first instance, review, examine and perhaps even provide alternative’s, should they be necessary.

Yours Sincerely

Dermot O’Leary
General Secretary

Copy/ Mr Kevin Foley Chairman Labour Court
“ Ms Anna Perry Director Conciliation WRC

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