NBRU Respond to Press Reports that Bus Éireann will move to Cut Overtime along with other Measures.

General Secretary Dermot O’Leary said;

“It would seem that this statement, along with the leaking of the Grant Thornton report earlier this week is geared towards conditioning staff into accepting cuts to terms and conditions: it would also lend credence to our view that the focus on cutting staff entitlements is being advanced in order to allow the Department of Transport to abdicate it’s responsibility towards a State-owned Company.
Cutting overtime will have a direct impact on the ability of Bus Éireann to operate all of its services and may end up being counter-productive in that it may result in the NTA imposing sanctions and withdrawing some of the PSO funding it is contractually obliged to provide in order to support vital Bus services all over Ireland.
What is required here is an acceptance that any resolution to this crisis can only be achieved by all stakeholders engaging on all of the issues which have contributed to Bus Éireann’s current predicament, inclusive of Government policy. Turning the spotlight on staff is a sad reflection on the new management structure at the Company and demonstrates quite clearly for us that they are being puppetered into providing an escape route for the Shareholder who’s responsibility it is to provide and support essential transport links for all of the citizens of the State, including those vital services which reach into thousands of Rural communities that do not have the multi-modal transport options available to those of us that reside within shouting distance of Dail Éireann”

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