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NBRU Respond to Bus Éireann Statement Re: Clarification on Union Position in Advance of Potential Time-limited Talks.

General Secretary Dermot O’Leary Said:

“the NBRU has today responded to Bus Eirene’s earlier statement requesting that we outline our position with regard to the prospect of re-engaging in time-limited talks in order to resolve the Expressway crisis, it is a matter of concern to the NBRU that we would have to set out a detailed position paper in advance of any Industrial Relations discussions, the tried and trusted mechanisms associated with establishing each parties positions having served both sides reasonably well over many years, however, we have this afternoon comprehensively outlined our position to the Company in order to establish if a basis can be found to reconvene talks towards achieving a resolution to this crisis”

Mr O’Leary went on to say:

“the Unions had previously indicated, from the commencement of previous WRC facilitated discussions that we were prepared to engage in an efficiency based agenda as a component of any discussions geared towards resolving this crisis, we have also reiterated our contention that any sustainable resolution will have to contain clear and demonstrable evidence that those in the Management category will contribute towards achieving a resolution to the Expressway crisis, it is now a matter for Bus Éireann to decide if it is prepared to re-engage on the basis as set out in our correspondence”

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