12th January 2017


NBRU Respond to NTA Statement on Bus Éireann Crisis General Secretary Dermot O’Leary said:

“The NTA’s contention that the policy of issuing licences on existing routes has contributed to an increase in passenger usage completely and perhaps, purposely misses the point in the current debate around the crisis at Bus Éireann. The NTA statements that Dublin/Cork and Dublin/Limerick routes have increased patronage by 60% and 50% respectfully are misleading. What they do not say is that some of this increase is down to migration from other providers inclusive of Bus and Rail, furthermore and more pertinently the increase in capacity on those two routes is 128% in the case of Cork and 111% on the Limerick corridor, directly attributed to the issuing of licences by the NTA. Capacity of course does not equate to demand, it is also noteworthy that one of Bus Éireann’s competitors on a number of these routes has also been reporting significant losses which would support the argument that there is an oversupply on the main inter-urban corridors”

Mr O’Leary went on to say that:

“The NTA’s apparent dismissal of the 7 million passenger journeys taken on Bus Éireann’s Expressway, describing them as ‘only’ amounting to 19% of the Company’s business illustrates a lack of understanding of the value of the integrated network that the current 23 Expressway Routes provide and the economic and socially vital 3000 plus services they deliver into and across hundreds of communities, without which a large swathe of Rural Ireland would be left isolated. Transport planning does not exclusively revolve around market saturation on heavily populated corridors no more than it does on dismissing the needs of those who do not have access to the many transport options some of us enjoy in our bigger Cities and Towns, furthermore the notion that the NTA would somehow react, or would not be found wanting in the event of a withdrawal of any or all of those vital Rural Transport links perhaps best sums up the actual problem here, there is no plan, reactionary responses to potential crisis does not amount or is even related to strategic planning. All we have asked for here is a reasoned debate with all of the stakeholders, is that too much to ask for on behalf of both the communities that need this service and those that work in the industry”?

Dermot O’Leary (087) 1956300

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