NBRU Press release 6th March 2017


6th March 2017
NBRU Announce ‘4’ Point Plan in Advance of WRC Discussions on Bus Éireann Expressway Crisis.

General Secretary Dermot O’Leary said;

“The NBRU remain determined to protect the Terms and Conditions of our members as part of any negotiating process, we will also remain consistent with our view that the involvement of all Stakeholders will ultimately be required to achieve an overarching sustainable solution to the issues at the heart of this dispute.”

Dermot O’Leary went on to say:

“The NBRU ‘4’ point “Save Our Bus Service” Plan incorporates all of the issues central to the Bus Éireann Crisis.
1. A Sectoral Employment Order which would contribute to maintaining reasonable conditions for those that work in the Bus Sector.
2. NBRU remain opposed to the diminution of Rural Bus Services.
3. NBRU is seeking to have as part of the negotiated solution the building blocks of a Bus Éireann Network Review, along with an examination of the legislation surrounding the existing licencing regime and its implementation that has led us to this current crisis.
4. NBRU will engage in a series of industrial relations discussions across all of Bus Éireann’s operations, inclusive of managerial numbers, we will also require a recognition that staff have not had a pay raise for over 9yrs.”

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