WRC talks Monday 6th March 2017 NBRU Press Release on WRC invitation to attend


General Secretary Dermot O’Leary said:

“The NBRU has always acted responsibly with regard to requests from the States industrial Relations Institutions; notwithstanding the fact that we firmly believe that the current crisis at Expressway has resulted from flawed Government policy, we have always said that we are prepared to assist towards finding a resolution and would discuss issues other than those that directly impact on core rates of pay, inclusive of basic, overtime, premium, shift or rota rates. Whilst we have today informed the WRC that we will accept the invitation to attend at facilitated discussions on Monday next to discuss the €9 million losses at Expressway, we remain firmly of the view that an overall resolution to this dispute can only be achieved by all of the Stakeholders being party to an overarching agreement, furthermore we will be informing Bus Eireann that the NBRU we will not allow our willingness to assist in trying to resolve this crisis, to be used as a fig leaf behind which those with political responsibility can hide, from the disgraceful decesion to close vital Bus Eireann Routes from Clonmel to Dublin, Athlone to Westport and Dublin to Derry.”

Mr O’Leary went on to say:

“We have in deference to the WRC suspended our Strike Action planned for Monday to coincide wuth the decesion of Bus Eireann not to implement unilateral non-agreed measures from Monday. We willof course endeavour, on behalf of commuters and our members, to work towards resolving this crisis, however, the attitude displayed by Bus Éireann management to-date has left us with no option but to advise our members that they should remain on a war-footing and be prepared to engage in an immediate All-out Strike, should the Company plough ahead with its Irish Ferries style attack on Bus Workers moderate terms and conditions.”

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