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20th February 2017

Bus Éireann Determined to Provoke Staff by Issuing Incendiary Document in Advance of Facilitated Discussions

General Secretary Dermot O’Leary said:

It’s absolutely appalling that Management at Bus Éireann are playing Russian Roulette with its own staff and the Public Transport System, by deliberately provoking staff into bringing the entire transport system to a halt, ignoring long standing negotiating practices and issuing so-called discussion documents to the entire workforce in advance of WRC facilitated discussions, is not alone an insult to the representative Trade Unions but demonstrates yet again the lack of regard this Company has shown for the Industrial Institutions of the State.”

Mr O’Leary went on to say:

“it is now a matter for the WRC to enquire of Bus Éireann if they are actually serious about resolving the Expressway crisis, or is it a case as we have suspected that the Company is determined to force its own workforce onto the streets to facilitate its desire to go as low as some of its competitors in how they wish to treat workers.”

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