Bus Éireann Trade Union Group
WRC discussions adjourned until Monday 20th February
The Trade Union Group said:

“The Group have agreed to an adjournment until Monday 20th to allow for Bus Éireann to respond to what we believe to be several breaches of agreements, inclusive of outstanding Labour Court Recommendation (LCR21224) and issues contained in company correspondence of 16th, 18th, and 27th of January which have financially impacted on our members, we remain committed to discussing all issues associated with the Expressway crisis.

The Bus Éireann TUG went on to say:

“whilst we will engage in such discussion, we remain implacably opposed to any cuts to our members pay, terms and condition’s and we remain resolute in relation to reactivating our strike action should Bus Éireann continue to push its stated aim of reducing costs to the tune of €30 million.

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