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A newsletter by NBRU Worker Director Thomas O’Connor

Work Place Relations Act 2015

Hidden down in section 85 of the Work Place Relations Act 2015 is the following section:

86. (1) The Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 is amended—

(a) In section 19, by the insertion of the following subsection:

“(1A) for the purposes of this section, a day that an employee was absent

from work due to illness shall, if the employee provided to his or her

employer a certificate of a registered medical practitioner in respect of

that illness, be deemed to be a day on which the employee was—

(a) at his or her place of work or at his or her employer’s disposal, and

(b) carrying on or performing the activities or duties of his or her


What this means is that from June 1st any worker who is sick from work and provided a sick certificate from a medical practitioner shall continue to accrue holidays as if he/she was not ill.

This is an important step forward for workers and comes on the back of a number of judgements from the European Court of Justice.



Traffic Chaos

From July 20th 2015 tracking laying for Luas Cross City will commence. According to the various websites disruption will be kept to a minimum???

O’Connell Street will be reduced to one lane, as will College Green, with disruption in Westmoreland Street and the permanent removal of bus stops on College Street and O’Connell Street.


NTA; the Super Quango

A review of the latest purchase orders from the National Transport Authority reveal no let-up in large levels of Public Funds being spent on “other projects”. The latest purchases include €1.3 million on the development of Transport information systems and €134,000 on creative advertising.

For a newly formed Quango that already has massive power, the subsuming of the Rail Procurement Agency leaves only the CIE Group in the way of total dominance of Transport in the State.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely!!

Action speaks louder than words.

Confidential sources revealed that the catalyst in the recent dispute between unions/Dublin Bus & Bus Eireann/NTA was the National Bus and Rail Unions High Court challenge. Sources stated that the unprecedented agreement which secured guaranteed funding, prevented the forced transfer of staff and obtained social clauses for the wider bus industry to prevent a Greyhound type race to the bottom was precipitated by the High Court challenge.

It’s a terrible indictment of our Government when a representative body has to turn to the courts to protect workers.

Issued by Thomas O’Connor

Dublin Bus and CIE Worker Director


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