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A newsletter by NBRU Worker Director Thomas O’Connor
24 hour bus services The National Transport Authority announced on Friday 14th that as part of their plans for transport in Dublin they intend to introduce 24 hour public transport bus services for the city in the near future.
Any extension of bus services is most welcome but this announcement must come with caution.
The experience of workers in Bus Éireann in relation to night work is not a happy one. New drivers are forced to do the work without a choice and no extra payment because of the way the work is allocated. Only those on static blocks get the payment. This is wrong.
The law on night work is very clear:
“Night time” means the period between midnight and 7 a.m. on the following day;
“Night work” means work carried out during night time;
“Night worker” means an employee—
(a) who normally works at least 3 hours of his or her daily working time during night time, and
(b) The number of hours worked by whom during night time, in each year, equals or exceeds 50 per cent of the total number of hours worked by him or her during that year.
(2) Without prejudice to section 15, an employer shall not permit a night worker, in each period of 24 hours, to work—
(a) In a case where the work done by the worker in that period includes night work and the worker is a special category night worker, more than 8 hours,
It is totally unacceptable to take advantage of spare drivers and force them to work nights while manipulating their hours so as not to pay the appropriate night rate. These are practices that don’t belong in an allegedly modern society.
The National Bus and Rail Union will be at the vanguard of any discussions in relation to terms and conditions of night workers and the rates of pay of night work and the allocation of same.
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Have the National Transport Authority given and consideration to security concerns or the provision of a transport police for these 24 hour services?

NTA Contracts According to sources within the NTA, the new PSO contracts will involve the NTA monitoring levels of fare evasion with their own checking units, most likely non- unionised part time or casual staff!
As a principle, all workers operating within CIE should be unionised and it would be a sad departure to allow non union people conduct business in our places of work otherwise we embark on a slippery slope to the delight of the management.
Discussions at the LRC
The NBRU have been successful in getting a temporary suspension of the National Transport Authorities plans to privatise 10% of bus routes in Dublin Bus & Bus Éireann.
These talks were arranged after the NBRU had organised a National march in Dublin on July 23rd.
The breakthrough came when the NTA became aware that the NBRU was prepared to ballot its members in the entire CIE group in an attempt to fend of this privatisation attempt.
More discussions have now been set for December 17th & 18th and January 14th.
The NBRU remains fundamentally opposed to privatisation.

Issued by Thomas O’Connor
NBRU Worker Director

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