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National Bus & Rail Union to Challenge the Government/NTA in the High Court

Last Monday (30th March) in the Labour Relations Commission the NBRU advised the NTA and the Minister for Transport of notice of a challenge in the High Court if the tendering/privatisation process was not stopped.

The talks process in the LRC had been ongoing since August 2014 when all parties were invited in after a NBRU campaign against the Fine Gael/Labour decision to privatise publicly owned bus routes, which also saw a march in Waterford and a planned national protest in Dublin.

The former CEO of the NTA, Gerry Murphy stated from the outset that no negotiations would take place at the LRC.

The NBRU in tandem with the LRC Process had opened an internal debate on the legal basis for the NTA to attack our industry. The opinion which emanated from our legal advisors painted a disturbing picture of the public transport landscape post- 2019 should the tendering process continue.

The tendering process, which was initiated under the stewardship of former Labour Junior Minister Alan Kelly, would make it legally difficult if not impossible for any future administration to award contracts directly to Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann.

10,000 jobs are on the line.

The previous Government, for all their ills, (of which there were many) agreed with our position that Dublin Bus current activities and fleet would remain protected.

The decision to take this High Court challenge was not taken lightly, however it is simply not good enough to rely on the methods that did not work for the likes of Stobbart, Irish Ferries or Greyhound.
The stakes are too high, with 10,000 CIE jobs on the line, thankfully the NBRU are not in the business of getting ‘quick fix’ or ‘political nod and wink’ solutions.

It would appear that the political establishment are somewhat surprised by the NBRU’s action, according to an article in the Sunday Independent on April 5th, such a move is unprecedented.

Thomas O’Connor is a Worker Director on the Boards of Dublin Bus and CIE and is a Member of the National Executive of the NBRUtmp_Screenshots_2015-04-08-15-38-27552949620tmp_Screenshots_2015-04-08-15-38-561414661039

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