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Launch of new Medical fitness to drive guidelines
Road Safety Chairperson Liz O’Donnell made the following quote while launching new RSA medical fitness to drive guidelines;
“Rules covering a person’s mental and physical ability to drive should not be applied too stringently. She is appealing for balance and care in the way the rules are applied”.
The guidelines state, “Therefore, to ensure that the risk to the public is similar for Group 1 and Group 2 vehicle drivers, the medical fitness requirements for the latter must be more stringent”.
Group 2 drivers include bus drivers. Shift work and long hours behind the wheel have an adverse effect on the health of frontline bus workers. These new guidelines must be accompanied by a review of rosters and shifts so there is no penalisation of drivers.

Tax Week 53
After getting complaints from drivers regarding correspondence that they received from the Revenue Commissioners over week 53, I have investigated the issue and can confirm that there is no liability attached to workers for the extra tax credits and allowances when a year has 53 pay days.
Week 53 occurs when there are 53 paydays in the tax year. It is also known as the “Extra Pay Period”. Not only does it occur in weekly periods but also in fortnightly and four-weekly frequencies. If your pay day falls on the 31st December, you have an extra pay period.
Any worker who experiences problems or gets a demand for an underpayment due to week 53, contact me directly or any NBRU representative and we will assist you.

A article in the Sunday Independent by Shane Ross on 22ND March 2015 outlined the tragic story of an Aer Rianta worker who took Voluntary Severance and now has had her pension slashed by the trustees.
Mr Ross stated that “Everyone, including Angela, understands that the pain of Ireland’s economic collapse must be shared. Yet Angela is not just a victim of the recession. She is a victim of semi-state managers, of the Government, of the pension fund trustee – and, above all, of her trade union”.
We must defend all workers, especially our colleagues who have retired and have diminished earnings. According to the trustees, last year was good to both CIÉ pension schemes. We don’t know what the future holds but we must refrain from taking the easy option and slashing the pensions of those that have retired, as the people in Mr Ross’s article did. Out of sight, out of mind is not an excuse.
The full article can be accessed at the following link;http://www.independent.ie/business/irish/aer-rianta-pensions-deferred-are-pensions-denied-31085026.html
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