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NBRU Notice to Members on the Bus Éireann crisis

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27th February 2017

Bus Éireann Crisis

Members will be aware that Bus Éireann staff may soon be engaged in an all-out indefinite strike if, as is anticipated the company move to unilaterally implement cuts to contractual terms and conditions.

Such an appalling attack on workers will be met with the fiercest of resistance not seen in this country for decades.


Because, in the first instance many of us in the Trade Union movement see this dispute as a Watershed moment for workers’ rights across the economy, if a State owned Semi-State Company is allowed to treat it’s staff in such an appalling fashion, what chance the rest?

Will other workers show solidarity and support?

It is well known that there are strong views being held by fellow CIE workers in relation to how they may react to a Bus Éireann dispute.

How is that being reflected?

Well, and this is important, the NBRU is not engaged in any Official Trade Dispute with either Iarnrod Éireann or Dublin Bus, consequently this translates as: Our members Should Not Engage in a Dispute with its Employer.

But the Dogs in the Street knows What will Transpire if a picket is placed at Locations where Both Bus Éireann and Iarnrod Éireann share depots, can You explain what could happen here?

The NBRU has been bombarded with calls informing us in no uncertain terms that Iarnrod Éireann staff will have major difficulties passing their colleagues on the Picket Line.
They also see this attack as the potential forerunner for a Similar Assault on their Terms and Conditions.

What is the Union advice here?

As already stated, there is NO OFFICIAL dispute with other employers in the CIE Group, NBRU Members in those companies cannot mount pickets.

But is it the case that workers will not pass pickets?

It would be remiss of us not to recognise that people will be conflicted here, and their Moral Compass would prevent them from passing Pickets.

That, at least partially, explains the Iarnrod Éireann potential scenario, what about Dublin Bus?

Again, there would be similar views in relation to the thin end of the Wedge, in that if Bus Éireann was to, as it were get away with such an attack, then they could conceivably be next.

There are rumours that Dublin Bus intend to Move Broadstone based Buses to Other Dublin Bus Garages, is this true and if so what is the view of the NBRU?

We have also heard such rumours, again we have to unambiguously clear by saying that there is NO OFFICIAL DISPUTE with Dublin Bus.

However, we have been hearing, through the ‘Grapevine’ that staff at Bus Éireann will take a Negative view of Dublin Bus moving Buses, with some even describing it as Potential ‘Strike Breaking’

Could that mean People taking Things into Their Own Hands and Ignore the Advice of the Union vis-à-vis Official Strike Action?

Again it would be remiss of us not to reflect the Fact that we have also heard such Rumours. In fact we have today written to Dublin Bus informing that Company that we will not be Party to any Move that would have the Potential to inflame the already Volatile situation at Bus Éireann.

Taking all of the Foregoing into Account, are we, in reality heading for a Major Public Transport Chaos?

One could see how such a Scenario could develop, almost from the get-go.
If this was to occur, than those in Government, in particular those in the Independent Alliance, will have to explain to the Taxpayer, those who elected them how such a Crisis could happen on their Watch.

Members will be advised on Further Developments.

nbru.ie, @twitter nbru_dublin.

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