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Loco/Dart Drivers WRC Talks

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Loco/Dart Drivers WRC Talks
Members are advised that both unions attended at the WRC on Tuesday the 16th August for discussions on the longstanding agenda of a Reduction in the Working week, Past Productivity and Driver Training.

These discussions were convened at the request of the Workplace Relations Commission.

The difficulties that we have been facing over the last number of years at Irish Rail over the last number of years were very much in evidence over the first number of days at the WRC.

Attempting to disguise this fact, or lending an impression that close-out of all of the issues to Loco/Dart Drivers satisfaction will be seamless as a result of the current proposal from the WRC would be disingenuous in the extreme.

However, it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge the fact that significant progress has been made in getting us to a point where the Reduction of the Working Week down to 39hrs is a live and distinct possibility.

The WRC proposal (attached) outlines the roadmap which is required to get us to the point where we can finally can finally achieve the Reduction of the Working Week.

The issue of Pension has been wrestled from our control in the sense that it is now very much Centre Stage within all of the CIE Companies, separate discussions are scheduled to take place on this issue at the WRC on the 30th August.

This will not however prevent or stymie progress towards the target of a Reduced Working Week.

The issue of Past Productivity will be further discussed at the WRC on Friday 26th August.

Both Trade Unions have made it abundantly clear that the dye is essentially cast regarding commitments on the Working Week, any reversal on such commitments will, possibly as early as next week, result in the reactivation of our Balloting process, which mandate permitting, may result in industrial action by the first week in September.

It would of course, given the significant progress made last evening, be unfortunate were such a scenario to develop.
Members will be updated on further developments.

Dermot O’Leary Paul Cullen
General Secretary Asst. Organiser

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