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Bus Éireann Response to Trade Union Letter/WRC Discussions

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Mr Ken Bryan
Acting Human Resources Manager
Bus Éireann
Dublin 7

16th March 2017

Re: Bus Éireann Response to Trade Union Letter/WRC Discussions

Dear Sir,

I refer to the above and wish to express in the strongest possible terms our outright disgust with regard to the disgraceful behaviour of Bus Éireann, in particular its continuous attempts to provoke a significant cohort of our members into a reaction, which will bring nothing but Industrial mayhem across the Public Transport sector.

In the first instance, the NBRU will not take lectures from anyone in Bus Éireann’s managerial structure (whether they be lifers, or Johnny come latelys) with regard to what did, or did not occur at the WRC over seven days.

To call the events of those seven days negotiations is perhaps a reflection of those who are now behind the wheel at Bus Eireann and the inability to differentiate between prevarication, obfuscation, stonewalling and actual negotiating?

The NBRU has always relied on the industrial relations third parties of the State to provide an honest assessment of any process they have facilitated. Unlike others, we would not seek to use or abuse these institutions for narrow self-interests or hidden agendas.

The NBRU IS already on public record with regards to our willingness to engage on an efficiency agenda across all grades at Bus Éireann in an effort to play our part in assisting towards resolving the Expressway Crisis, lest it be forgotten, we remain firmly of the view that all Stakeholders will require to be involved in any overarching sustainable solution.

This commitment to engage is not exclusive to any one Grade that we represent, bearing in mind that we cross-represent and indeed are by far the largest Trade Union at Bus Éireann.

We now reaffirm this commitment, we will not however be dragged into a series of negotiations through the exchanging of correspondence.

The ability or otherwise of both parties to this debate to unearth savings from one particular grade can only be fully ascertained once real and substantive negotiations commence.

The NBRU will fully engage in the spirit of partnership, our history, of which we are extremely proud, would lend credence to our ability to get around the negotiating table and do what’s necessary, to assist towards saving Bus Éireann and doing right by our members.

It is quite extraordinary that Bus Éireann would, on one hand advance the date of the 27th March as being crucial, given the emphasis in your correspondence on the Board meeting fixed for this date, whilst on the other hand you are attempting to conduct negotiations and establish positions by writing to staff representatives.

The time being wasted here would be better served around the negotiating table at the WRC, where all issues, inclusive of the necessity for real and tangible commitments around the burden sharing expected from the significant number of managers at Bus Éireann can be properly coursed.

We think it only reasonable that if Bus Éireann management are quoting industry norms to frontline staff with regards to efficiencies then the ratio of manager to the same frontline staff should also fall into those same industry norms.

Finally, we will leave the decision in relation to whether there are going to be further discussions at this point to the Independent Third Party institution of the State, the WRC.

Yours Sincerely


Dermot O’Leary
General Secretary
National Bus and Rail Union

Copy/Ms Anna Director Conciliation WRC

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